Macaulay E. Nwojo, M.D.

Brain & Complex Spine Surgeon

Macaulay E. Nwojo, MD is a fellowship trained neurosurgeon and complex spine surgeon who treats surgical disorders and diseases of brain and spine. Dr. Nwojo specializes in using state-of-the-art minimally invasive surgical techniques for faster recovery, and has advanced experience in brain and spine surgery.

After Completing his undergraduate degree from University of Houston, Dr. Nwojo Obtained his Doctor of Medicine degree from the renowned Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, and completed his Neurosurgical residency and advanced complex fellowships at Barrow Neurological institute, often called the Mecca of Neurosurgery and unanimously considered the most elite and most sort after neurosurgery institution in the world, where he worked alongside neurosurgical giants of our generation. At Barrow, Dr. Nwojo completed Fellowships in Complex Spine Surgery under Dr. Kumar Kakarla and Complex Cerebrovascular Skull base surgery under Dr. Michael T. Lawton during his Chief Residency year. Dr. Nwojo areas of expertise include brain tumor, trigeminal neuralgia microvascular decompression, Cerebrovascular surgery, minimally invasive spine surgery, spinal tumors, deformity and Scoliosis surgery, revision spine surgery just to mention a few.

 His breath of experience allows him to practice a comprehensive advanced neurosurgery. When he is not directly taking care of patients, Dr. Nwojo is busy working on newer and better techniques, and his work has been published in many peer-reviewed journals and book chapters and he has presented his research nationally and internationally.

He sees every patient as an addition to his work family, and cares for them just as he would care for his own. He ensures that the patient is part of the decision making process. He only recommends surgery as a last resort, after exhausting conservative management or when surgery is the only appropriate option.

Outside of work, Dr. Nwojo is a loving Husband, and a cherished father of two girls and a boy.  He is an active member of his church and community. He is currently accepting new patients.


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Sidney G
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Who knew you can be pain free and go home the same day you had spine surgery?? Dr. N is a genius. I arrived for my surgery scheduled for 7.30 a.m. By 9.30 I was done with surgery and walking around the pain free. I was home before noon and had lunch and dinner in the comfort of my home. I work desk job as a business owner. I had my surgery on Friday and was back to work on Monday, like nothing ever happened. I must also say as a business owner myself, I admire how he runs his medical office. Very clean, very modern, uses technology to enhance patient experience. It's like what you may expect in NY or California. Truly a boutique experience for us here in the Permian Basin.
Carlos R
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I have being working in the oil field for almost 25 years. In the last 10 years I have had back pain and leg pain. I see my pain Doc and I had tried injections, pills, physical therapy, you name it. 2 years ago he wanted to refer me to Dallas for surgery, but I told him I could not leave my family to travel that far for surgery. During my visit with him, he mentioned that Dr. Nwojo is a surgeon that treats complex cases and that I would need to go Dallas anymore if I wanted to have surgery. Fast-forward 3 months later and I am absolutely pain free. I don't even remember the last time I was pain free. Dr. Nwojo was real with me. He told me that I needed a big surgery, and that is really what will help me. His office staff is world class. I had no idea a place like his office existed. He has x-ray machine so I did not have to go somewhere else to get that done. Everything was coordinated during one visit. AFter my surgery, I needed some physical therapy, and his he spine specific physical therapy in the same office. Boy I tell you, Dr. Nwojo and his team gave me my life back. I did not have to drive around town to do x ray one place, physical therapy another place, see doctor another place. I am just excited! I am waiting for my 6 months visit so that hopefully he can clear me for golfing because I feel great!
Shannon P
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I was having frequent headaches and my neurologist ordered an MRI that sadly shown that I have a golf ball size tumor. He referred my to Dr. Nwojo. I was amazed with my first interaction with his office staff. They were very courteous and sympathized with me. They offered my an appointment the very next day, which was a Wednesday (mind you, he generally does not run clinic on Wednesday, but accommodated me!) He seemed very knowledgeable, and having read up on him before my appointment, I was convinced that he was extremely talented. But above all, he was human. I cried a lot in his office, he comforted and reassured me and my husband. We never felt rushed. In Friday, I had my surgery. He came in to see my on Saturday and showed me the MRI after surgery, which was clean as a whistle! I was discharged home on Sunday. The best news is that my tumor is not cancerous!!!! Dr. Nwojo is a blessing and a God sent to the Permian Basin. I wholeheartedly recommend him for any brain or spine condition. Even if you already have a surgeon you love, just go see him for a second opinion.

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