Midessa Neurosurgery & Complex Spine: 6th Sense Health Dimension

A Different Kind of Medicine

Midessa Neurosurgery and Complex Spine is located in The Permian Basin, serving Midland-Odessa Metro area, West Texas, and Eastern New Mexico with the most advanced and compassionate care for brain and spine. Our Neurosurgeon is highly respected, and bring experience and expertise from some of the most elite academic neurosurgery centers in the country. Read about Dr. Macaulay Nwojo for more information.

Our surgeon specializes in the latest brain and spine surgery techniques, utilizing the most advanced technologies so that residents of the Permian Basin can get first class brain and spine care here at home. Our model of care is to provide our patients with boutique neurosurgical care that we would offer our family members using the latest and greatest available technologies. Dr. Nwojo uses his patented 6th Sense Health Dimension to approach patient care, which is a holistic framework that evaluates patients as a whole, and not just focused on a single organ system or problem. This trademarked approach sets our practice apart and significantly improves the clinical outcome of our patients.

We treat brain and spine conditions using robotic assisted spine surgery, motion preservative spine surgery, Stealth Navigation assisted brain and spine surgery, minimally invasive spine surgery, complex spine surgery, as well as nonsurgical options. These advanced treatment paradigm, which reduces hospital length of stay, and promote faster recovery are only available in very select specialized centers, and we are proud to offer if right here in the Permian Basin. Our goal is to be the most technologically advanced provider of brain and spine care. 


Within our Neurospine en-suite physical therapy, we offer BTE Multi-Cervical Unit (MCU) which is the most effective and complete system for the assessment and rehabilitation of patients suffering from neck pain, whiplash associated disorders and general cervical spine disorders. We are proud to be the only neurosurgery center offering this state-of-the-art technology to our patients in our neurospine-specific physical therapy suite. Our physical therapy program is unique because our therapists focus only on spine care and are equipped with the right technology. 

To further help our patients coordinate their cair, we offer in-office top of the line x-ray suite, with the ability to stitch images and provide your surgeon full length spinal x-ray which is the gold standard for global understanding of your spine disease. 

Best of all, this comprehensive care, state-of-the-art technology and expertise are all in the same location for the convenience of our patients. 

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Submit an appointment request on our patient portal or contact our office on the phone at (432) 558-7000 and speak to a live patient advocate during business hours to schedule an appointment.

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